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  • One of a kind – A breathtaking, unique blend of architecture and nature directly at the sea

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    The story

    When it became popular knowledge in 18th-century England that sea air and salt water could heal and promote health, the first seaside resorts began to flourish in the southeast of England. Stories of the therapeutic value to be found at seaside resorts also reached Germany thanks to physicist, naturalist, mathematician and writer Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. At the invitation of the University of Rostock, English travel writer Thomas Nuget visited Heiligendamm on the Baltic Sea in 1766 and was thrilled with the location. Physician Prof. Dr. Samuel Vogel put the final pieces into place at the end of the 18th century when he recommended that the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin build seaside resorts along the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Today, he is considered the father of the German seaside resort. The first German seaside resort was founded in 1793 at the bay of Heiligendamm near the town of Doberan. The town was renamed Bad Doberan in 1921 and officially became a therapeutic spa destination in 2000. Nestled between the sea and old-growth beech forest and home to a picturesque bay, Bad Doberan became a highly sought-after destination during the 19th century with the rise of Romanticism. The “White City by the Sea” grew gradually over the years following the seaside resort’s founding and the fascinating mix of architecture and nature continues to enchant all who come here. In the mid-19th century, Grand Duke Paul Friedrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin commissioned court architect Georg Adolph Demmler to build three new seaside resort cottages in English resort style. One of these was the Alexandrinen Cottage, which was built in a beautiful park on a cliff overlooking the sea to the west of the resort. The Grand Duke gave the cottage to his beloved wife, Alexandrine of Prussia.

    The architecture

    The cottage was built in 1841 and is situated on the western tip of the resort’s park, directly on a cliff overlooking the sea. The cottage’s enchanting architecture draws the gaze from the beach and from the sea. The cottage is beautifully integrated into the surrounding landscape facing the open sea with the edge of the forest at its back, creating a magical setting. Court architect Georg Adolph Demmler, a student of Schinkel and Schadow, was influenced by English garden design elements, which were contemporary at the time, as well as early Victorian architecture and Tuscan villas. The cottage was added onto by Schwerin court architect Emil Liß in 1911. The addition spoke to the higher living standards and representational needs of the grand ducal family of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. All of the work was done in the original style of court architect Demmler with the addition of elements modern at that the time. All work on the cottage has always been done with the utmost care, precise attention to detail and in keeping with the building’s listed status.

    Today, the elegant Alexandrinen Cottage is a protected monument waiting to be awakened from its slumber and filled with new life.

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    18209 Retschow, Germany
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    Location and surroundings of this property

    The spa town of Heiligendamm, Germany’s first seaside resort, is known as “The White City by the Sea” because of its exceptionally beautiful location directly on the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg. It is also sometimes referred to as “String of Pearls” because of the villas along its coast, which are strung together like pearls. The enchanting mix of architecture and nature lend a sense of flow and harmony, making the cottage an almost legendary work of art. Nobility and, later, the upper middle class, have been visiting the resort to rest and restore their bodies and minds in this unique setting since the 18th century. The spectacular Alexandrinen Cottage is located slightly off the main central buildings at the southwestern tip of the park, nestled like a jewel among the trees and landscaping with breathtaking views of the sea. The area boasts a pleasant climate that has been bringing people to the seaside resort for over 200 years. Unlike some of the other homes in the area, this enchanting cottage offers considerable privacy as it is situated some distance from any other building. The town can also be reached from Berlin more quickly than almost any other popular destination along the coast. Heiligendamm is a neighborhood of the town of Bad Doberan, which was founded in the 13th century around the Gothic Minster church. The lively, beautiful old town is home to many protected buildings and brings tourists to the area. The atmosphere is lively in neighboring Kühlungsborn as well with a selection of supermarkets, schools, services and daily amenities. The historical Molli resort railway runs several times a day, connecting the different parts of town.

    Energy information

    • No energy certificate, as listed building
    • Year of construction/Conversion/extension 1841/1911


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